Specifically latin american dating sites

But it’s possible to find women from a huge range of countries throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean.There are also a few members from Spain and Portugal.In my mind the site doesn’t do a huge amount to clamp down on the scammers.

Since most members add their own details to the site you’ll find that members have put different amounts of effort into writing their profiles.

It can sometimes be hard to work out the meaning behind the broken English or Spanglish.

The numerous testimonials show that it is possible to find love on this site.

The bad reviews you see of Latin American Cupid are mostly concerned with the problems of dating site scammers (more on this below).

I know that on its sister site Chinese Love Links I’ve chatted to TV presenters, business women and even women with MBA’s and doctorates. If you’re interested in interracial dating then Brazil or the Dominican Republic are worth considering.

The good thing about the Dominican Republic is that it’s not too far to travel from the USA, and that even if your dates with beautiful Dominican women don’t work out then you can have a fantastic vacation in a tropical paradise.

However, neither of these languages are as challenging for an English speaker to pick up compared to Russian or Mandarin Chinese.

The English speaking ladies on the site tend to be from the middle classes of Latin society.

The site is available in a number of languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese.


  1. all goes well then it can grow into a friends with benefits situation. Good sex, no obligations, what are you waiting for?

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