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Lloyd Georjre himself has acknowledged his supreme ability and aid. He has the ear of the House—is fluent, concise, and extremely good at repartee. WORKERS IN THE DIVISION In the sixteen polling divisions there are local associations.

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And why should the “ backwoodsmen ” be excluded if their order is to remain predominant? n ¿A were held accountable for to-day’a comparative h"^ nesa in stocks. W.; 1383^ — ¡1851*16 f’ref.............,181 — 50I2 CC.. L...: 5d 22I4' 21^16 Denver ............¡21U 391:1 3312 Pref..............

“ Backwoodsmen ” are quite a respectable element in the present House. Harriman stocks and Reading w/' mildly pressed for sale, but there was lsss p.e, 'rt on Hill issues.

What proportionate majority against an act of the Commons should carry a reference to the nation arid many other* details under a scheme of this sort are possible of a fair solution, and it is fairness not only to the majority, but more particularly to the minority that seems to be of the very essence of good government. Many of the present Peers would be elected, the right to vote would be easily proved, and enthusiasm for payment of Income-tax would increase.—I am, Sir, yours truly, H. Nothing struck me more than the possibility of a strong Radical candidate doing “ enormous damage ” to the Unionist majority it the right effort be made. In the preceding January we were beaten by a round 4000.

Express that opinion to Unionists and they will smile—but they had better think about it. If our opponents think that is an accurate index of the relative strength of parties in this division they are mistaken We are ready to acknowledge that they stand possibly at 7 to 6; but with the supreme efforts we have been making in organisation we think as a fighting machine we can give them a tough fight, especially if we get the candidate we hope to have eventually. They have a keen candidate in prospect, who is all over the place, and certainly the best fighter since 1892 for the Radical party.

Out of the House he is one of the best platform speakers of the day—suave, strong, and commanding, full of knowledge, an ideal member. Forster, sister of Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, is one of the best women platform speakers in the kingdom.

Then again there is a " second member ” for the Sevenoaks Division about whom one hears the most charming things when discussing politics. When her husband is busy she can always take his place, and deliver a speech without notes on any of the political problems in such a way as to excite the envy of local Radicals, and rouse Unionists in Sevenoaks to a high pitch of enthusiasm.

Some such provision would be necessary if we are to get the proper class of men to represent the Greater Empire. P., Lord Sackville, Earl Amherst, Majcr Wreford, Mr. Bromley, Beckenham, Chislehurst, and Sevenoaks did their share, and the working-class voters of the two former came up well, but there was an unsatisfactory margin between the list and the actual voters in several parts. Two and a-half years had passed, and nothing had been done. The situation at nightfall is very interesting, the Brown 1st Division being at Elveden in a position to operate with effect against either flank of the White 2nd Division along the line of the river, or, if need be, to strike in between and isolate a wing while the other portion is engaged. Early this aiternoon the division moved into bivouacs along the line Larkhill. Lloyd) has spent most of his vacation time in preparing Croydon’s case. Ian Malcolm, the member of Parliament lor Croydon, who has already made a name for himself in the House of Commons, and Mr. Su.'sex Mofor Yacht, Club brought to a mioco.'M'ii I cio-e ; A'eat her ua." pcrlert, v :t h a 1 iwt'c/p. observing “ It i' the one event I have wished to f-eeurc.” To-dar.

You cannot expect a wealthy citizen to neglect business interests in his own country for the privilege of doing a great deal of unpaid work ; and equally you do not want men of the “ retired ” class who, in the Oversea States, as elsewhere, are on the look-out for “ honours” and social distinction Nor can you fairly ask a man to face tho chance of falling, by a defeat at the polls, from a position of dignified affluence to completo poverty. that a businesslike way to carry on the iffairs of the nation? Free Traders had often asked him: “Are you going to cheapen articles by taxing them? What will happen during the hours of darkness can only be surmised, for the opposing generals are skilled in the game of war and are not likely to be caught napping. Durrington Down, and Fargo Plantation Major-General Sir II. Malcolm intends to lead the opposition to the Bill. A.-, on Saturday, the finished at the Palace Pi* thioiiged v. T was 11111 01 intero."ting events, I niler,\"t w.-v; aroused by the scouting competition for Th* fnnrfnrd ( hallenge ('up.

Tact, of course, would in any case count for much, but it might be advisable, in order to avoid all misunderstanding, to draw a clear line. ■‘FRANKLY DEJIOCRATIC.” To the Editor of “ The Standard.” Sir.—“Tory Democrat.” in advocating a directly elected T'pper Chamber, directs the discussion into what, in my view, is the right and profitable channel. Whether the failure i put him together on tho old lines. With Lord Salisbury still at the head of the House of Lords and the Unionist party it "would, doubtless, not have happened at this time and in this manner. But call it what you like, we do want, the essential features of a directly elected Senate—a body representative of the people, and chosen from every element of the population. I would infinitely prefer the old House of Lords to a brand-new Chamber got together on the Lansdowno plan. as in the winter tliev might draw h'rs, and in the summer.

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