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“They’ve got a few guys up front that can score goals.

It’s a good group of players and we expect the game to be tight.

“We’re a defence-focused team this year,” said backup goaltender Colton Point, who only faced four shots over 40 minutes of play against Switzerland.

“I think we’re proving that right now with our shutdown D.

29 and then finishes the preliminary round against Denmark on Dec.

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Looking at Canada’s junior team roster there are no budding superstars like Connor Mc David or Mitch Marner.But there is a simple philosophy: take time and space away from your opponent and then you can take the puck too.Head coach Dominique Ducharme and Hockey Canada executives Shawn Bullock and Joel Bouchard have built a team that is fast, very deep, and balanced heading into a competitive world junior championship in Buffalo, N. “Our goal when we lose the puck is to retrieve it as quick as possible,” said Ducharme on Friday.“We want to make sure we’re stepping in front of guys to retrieve it, separating them from the puck.” Only one player on the team — stalwart defenceman Cale Makar — was taken with a top-10 pick in an NHL draft.We’re going to be playing a good team so we have to be at our best.” Canada faces Slovakia on Dec.


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