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The success and high profitability of the industry attracted many families whose breadwinner had been put out of work by the depression in the local metal mining industry, and increased the population of the town considerably.

This meant that more shops and businesses took root, providing more jobs and improving trade.

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The Torchlight Carnival was revived in November 2009 as a direct result of public demand through a survey conducted with local residents.

The Torchlight Procession has become an important event in the town's calendar, heralding in the Winter celebrations and drawing thousands of people from across Cornwall and Devon.

During the 18th-century, the nearby Polgooth mine was known as the greatest tin mine in the world and in circa 1760 the Land's End to Plymouth road went through the town.

Alongwith William Cookworthy's discovery of china clay at Tregonning Hill in west Cornwall, and the same mineral, found in greater quantity in Hensbarrow downs north of St Austell, the town became more prominent.

The event is run by a small group of non affiliated volunteers.

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