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To be eligible to register a domain name, you must be a registered Canadian business or organization, a Canadian trademark holder, a citizen of Canada, have permanent residency in Canada, or otherwise qualify under the Canadian Presence Requirements.

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Now the Board has given an update on second level registrations saying they aren't ready for deployment. The Board's st Internet NZ logo Down in the Antipodes, Internet NZ has begun to release a quarterly report of life in in a new easy-to-read format, and the first of these reports for the period April to June 2019 shows that almost one in 5 domain names are now registered at the second level.


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  3. Most sobering is the report's comment that "the economic outlook for most media companies remains extremely difficult." That statement doesn't include the communications giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google, the latter two of which garner more than 80 percent of the advertising that used to go to traditional media. One is what Janine Gibson, the chief editor of Buzzfeed UK, calls "representation without judgment." Speaking at a seminar in London this week, Gibson said that the digital and social media world implicitly equates what news organizations spend time and money verifying, with "the guy in an attic" who puts out a piece of opinion masquerading as news, without having had to exercise his judgment on the veracity of his narrative.

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