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The government endorsed the report and promised to make the public service more reflective of the nation’s diversity. Oliver said federal statistics from 2003-04 show only 10.1 per cent of new hires in the public service were visible minorities and only 7.9 per cent of promotions went to visible minorities. tear down the substantive barriers that stand in the way of people of colour," Mr. Whitewashing it won’t make it any easier to deal with.""The intricate and difficult problems of racism in the public service will not go away and cannot be mitigated until white senior managers are willing to acknowledge that racism exists."Mr.

The numbers were worse at federal offices in Nova Scotia, he said, with visible minorities accounting for 6.4 per cent of new hires and 4.9 per cent of promotions."Leaders in the federal public service must . Oliver told the 200 delegates at the forum."Most of all, they must recognize that racism — an ugly, stubborn and damaging brand of racism — remains a fundamental problem within the public service of Canada today."Denying that fact won’t make it go away. Oliver, a black lawyer and businessman who was named to the Senate by former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in 1990, pointed to three areas of the public service in Atlantic Canada where he would like to see action taken this year.

Interest in the forum was so high organizers had to turn people away. The time for action is now."A 2000 report titled Embracing Change in the Federal Public Service recommended that one in every five new recruits by 2003 be a member of a visible minority qualified for the job.

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View my complete profile If you have problems related to race in the Federal Civil Service of Canada we want to hear from you, you may email me or leave a comment.

Either way get rid of the problem that keeps you bottled up, write.

Stanley Boyd is an eighth generation African Canadian journalist.

Among his ancestors is one of the first settlers of Oak Island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

He is chair and founder of the Committee on Racial Content on Canadian Television (CRCT).

We welcome your comments on this blog and you may comment by email at [email protected] by clinking the comment link below and you are encouraged to do so.In a report on the findings, Environics said participants in the Nova Scotia capital reported a much tougher time in the workplace than did groups in any other centre."Visible minority persons working in the civil service in Halifax were much more likely than their counterparts in any other region to feel that being a visible minority is a negative factor in the workplace," says the March 31 report, obtained under the Access to Information Act."Many in Halifax felt that 'it is just the way it is here,' that the issue is part of being in Halifax, and not systemic to the public service across Canada."The focus groups each involved between six and eight people who had been in the public service for at least four years and some for as long as 35 years.The study did not indicate which visible minorities were represented.Nova Scotia boasts one of the oldest black populations in Canada, dating from more than 200 years ago as American slaves who supported the British in the American Revolution were given refuge and freedom in the province. However, blacks were confined to their own settlements, given small unproductive plots of land, and they earned wages lower than [email protected] The Canadian Press 2005For more on Kirk Johnson see a letter from Montreal's Sharon Grant that can be found in at February 27, 2006Letter Re: "Workplace wake-up call" (Gazette, Feb. As an accomplished professional with over 15 years' experience in generating profits for several companies, I view every day as a battle.I am a visible minority, born in the West Indies, but educated in Canada.See letter below this article as the writer reacts to an article in the Montreal Gazette of February 24, 2006.


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