Star trek fans dating

"Millions of users have already signed up, Bird said.

But he's anticipating an even bigger surge in traffic now that the "Star Trek" franchise has hit its 50th anniversary.

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That’s the simple answer, but it’s slightly more complicated than that.

You should probably watch the TV episodes combined with the motion pictures in a specific order.

Like mentioned above “trekkies” as they call themselves have their own salute, and language.

There’s even entire conventions dedicated to the movie that attract people from across the world.

Many think it’s just an action movie using the Star Trek name.

However, as a casual fan, I enjoyed even the latest ones and am looking forward to the new release in 2016.If you're a fan of the "Star Trek" franchise and consider yourself a Trekkie, then you may be in luck.There is an entire community of online dating sites that cater to those who speak Klingon and know more than the average person about Vulcans.Since there are many implementations of the TV series, the whole thing can get a bit confusing.Here’s the order I recommend watching them in: Many fans of the movie shy away from the newer films citing lack of plot and character development.I consider the people who don’t like the new movies purists, so take what they say with a grain of salt.


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