christian indian girls dating - Straightedge dating

All of which were absolute dealbreakers because they are extremely important values in my life.I just wouldn't be cool with my partner doing things that I believe are wrong.I'm ok with that and really happy to see the change in her lifestyle to something more healthy.

I don't care if my girlfriend wants to drink as long as it isn't a big issue like it was for me - I.e. I don't think I could handle dating someone who is a heavy drug user, sometimes even kissing my girlfriend is difficult when she has a had a drink - that is down to me not wanting to get a taste for it again, not because I find her disgusting, though.

I used to only date girls who wouldn't drink, but I got over it. My fiancé and I have been together for five years and she drinks on occasion.

Their actions as a human are much more important anyways. They also can't ask me to join them in drinking.

I have a couple of rules in my relationships regarding substances. My husband uses an e-cig now to meet my rules (which I still think is gross, but not as nasty as cigarettes), he doesn't do drugs, and he only drinks 1 beverage at a time if he drinks at all.

More so, someone who is as supportive of me and willing to put up with my bullshit while I work on my mental health issues.

I don't think it's wise to completely rule someone out based on not being edge alone. Moderate alcohol is fine as long as they don't get drunk near me.

I was stopping myself from getting close to great people all because they would drink every once in a while. It used to bother me, and me being straight edge used to bother her. What I hate is that alcohol costs so much in our wedding.

I don't want to pay for it, but I have to for our families.

It's not very important unless you want it to be, for some people its a must and others its not.

I'm currently in a relationship with someone who isn't edge but I couldn't be happier.

It's important to him also, because his mother is a recovered alcoholic.

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