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The following day I refused the narcotic pump or opiate-related medications for fear these may raise intraocular pressure and so I became fully reliant on Tylenol as my form of analgesia.

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Now I noticed how my right knee despite the bandage had swelled up to the size of a baby’s large head making the whole leg not easy to lift.

The swelling was attributed to the soft tissue trauma of surgery and subcutaneous blood thinner I was on.

Needless to say, it was a restless night, I was tethered to a dripping IV fluids, a calibrated pump to be self administered to control post-surgical pain, various monitoring devices for vital signs, EKG leads over the chest, at least two or three ready to-be-used catheterized open veins, was catheterized to relieve bladder fullness, (350 cc ) but was thankful and gratified nonetheless when I was able to move all my toes freely, following spinal anesthesia particularly when the surgery lasted longer than planned, because of some computer glitch.

Lower limb paralysis is a very rare complication of spinal anesthesia.

(Parenthetically I was told that the IV form is very expensive, why this should be so, only Big Pharma knows) My first morning at the (ICU) a breakfast tray was waiting for me.

After breakfast a small framed gentleman introduced himself as my physical therapist during my stay. I was impressed that he guided me right away to get out of bed despite pain and all, with my full weight resting on his right shoulder, he ably supported me; I managed to take a few slowly measured baby steps to a waiting chair, where he left me to move and dangle my feet and to expect him the next morning with a walker.He was the same physician I conversed with a few minutes earlier during his rounds.The stat orders were for multiple tubes of blood chemistries and baseline CBCs, hook up of a 500 cc of normal saline solution, a continuous running hard copy of my EKG, IV administration of potassium chloride, and magnesium sulfate, and continual monitor of electrolytes, and lastly 250 mg of amiodarone, executed in orderly sequences; while many eyes were affixed on me and the different monitors, mine roamed at the panorama of somber faces of the code team members working furiously.PREFACE The Hospital is central in the delivery of healthcare to any given community and the public in general.As such it is pivotal in the direct saving of lives, cure or reverse the progress of disease and offer state-of-the -art diagnostic or surgical procedures; to function in this role it is necessarily made up of diverse complex moving parts, and these moving parts, challenging as the task maybe, must be almost seamlessly synchronized if it is to achieve the optimum delivery of health care to the community it is entrusted to help.Amidst this urgent dilemma or because of it, the brain, with its billions of neurons and synapses must and was able to process, thoughts, events and images, past and present almost instantaneously and concurrently.

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