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But as time went on and they attended different schools, they began to naturally grow apart from each other.That is until one day many years later when their paths crossed again.

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“When his mum, Val Faldo, 57, found out we were dating, she went digging for photos from year six leaving day and found quite a few of me.

“Adam couldn’t believe he had pictures of his now wife from as a kid – it is just evidence that we are meant to be.” The couple is married and happier than ever.

“Everything is just so easy with Adam, we never have any drama and if I am ever annoyed he makes me laugh and I forget what I was angry about,” Joanne shared. If you have a great lost love (or even a friend) and you miss them, reach out and try to make a connection.

Everyone's heard of high school sweethearts, but have you ever heard of preschool sweethearts?

Laura Sheel and Matt Grodsky met in preschool when they were just three years old.

They formed a bond so strong they were practically inseparable.

But Joanne thought that Adam had moved on: “He turned up with a girl who also went to our school and I must admit, I was pretty sad.” “Two months later, I saw on Facebook he had become single and I plucked up the courage to send him my number.

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