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On the other hand, tarot card readers in Memphis or Milwaukee can probably be a little bit more bullish on the relationship front, since there’s a substantially higher rate of new relationships in those cities.A reader in Salt Lake City or Colorado Springs could almost certainly tell her subject some good news. So she was basically saying I wouldn’t be in a relationship in the next 50 days, but maybe I’d find someone between day 115 and day 143. I emailed Christian Rudder, one of the founders of the online dating site OKCupid, who said it takes the typical person 198 days from joining the site to leaving because he or she finds someone.

So how do we figure out how many reporters like me are “completely comfortable” with their work? Smith of the University of Chicago found 52.9 percent of editors and reporters were “very satisfied” with their jobs, which means the rest were not.

This puts Lucy’s estimation that I’m not completely comfortable at about 50-50.

" Let’s look at what’s allegedly in store for me, and what the stats have to say about those predictions. You’ve been taking some chances but they haven’t worked out. According to the tarot card draw, I’ve recently failed at a relationship, True, depending on a particularly modern definition of “relationship.” " And while it’s not exactly a reach to suppose I’m looking for someone who’s stable — who knows, maybe I’m not past that phase where I seek out an emotionally parasitic arrangement that leaves everyone involved bitter and damaged indefinitely — seeking out a confident person is a pretty good bet.

A caveat here — just because something was predicted or inferred doesn’t mean it’s true. Even though you’re looking, you’re not going to succeed this summer. According to a 2014 paper published in the Universal Journal of Psychology, the most desired characteristic of a romantic partner among both men and women is “loyalty,” which is a pretty reasonable stand-in for stability in a relationship.

A report from January 2012 showed that almost half of 20- to 24-year-olds had been in their jobs for 12 months or less (I’m 23). As for “already wondering if you want to leave,” that goes beyond my personal gig writing words and speaks more to my generation.

This prediction makes sense because I am a shiftless millennial who, in the eyes of most older generations, wouldn’t understand loyalty to my employer even if it matched my 401k.

The paper looked at 198 job categories, and ranked them in terms of job satisfaction.

Here are the top and bottom five: Some 35.7 percent of reporters and editors considered themselves “very happy” overall.

I was also curious about how confident Lucy could be in her prediction that I would fail on the dating front for the foreseeable future. When you leave OKCupid, you’re asked why — if you found someone online or somewhere else, if the service wasn’t working, or for some other reason.


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