Taylor kitsch dating minka kelly

She eventually shot through obscurity and made her first appearance in the short film, The American actress went on to have a relationship with Donald Faison, also an American actor.The duo dated after Donald’s first marriage to Lisa Askey ended in 2005.Kelly first began seeing Evans in 2007, and the couple’s relationship was rumored to be on and off for several years.

In 2012, Kelly was said to have dated Wilmer Valderrama after he broke up with Demi Lovato. There were rumors of a reconciliation a few years later, but nothing was confirmed.

One of Minka Kelly’s longest relationships was reportedly with the Captain America: Civil War actor, Chris Evans.

Reports say that Drake-Lee has accused Williams of introducing the kids to his girlfriend who has not been named.

She also accused the actor of messing up the kids’ schedules.

They dated for about a year before they eventually broke up.

Shortly afterwards, superhero heartthrob – Chris Evans came into the picture.

Minka also famously dated Derek Jeter, a professional baseball player, further along the line.

As usual, the relationship was kept on the down low.

They had a short relationship which started in the fall of 2007 and ended in January 2008.

Even though they are separated, they said they will remain friends.

From John Mayer to Chris Evans, Minka Kelly has dated some of the most famous men in showbiz!

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