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Such a situation usually happens when you're working on something but then an urgent fix needs to be committed, and that fix happens to be in the same file you're working on. Sometimes you have versioned files that change frequently but that you really don't want to commit. A classic reason is that your IDE changes a timestamp in the project file every time you build.Sometimes this indicates a flaw in your build process - why are those files versioned? The project file has to be versioned as it includes all the build settings, but it doesn't need to be committed just because the timestamp changed.

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However, this check only works if the repository layout is one of the recommended ones, meaning it uses the names You can drag files into the commit dialog from elsewhere, so long as the working copies are checked out from the same repository.

For example, you may have a huge working copy with several explorer windows open to look at distant folders of the hierarchy.

If a commit is attempted to a tag URL, Tortoise SVN shows a confirmation dialog first to ensure whether this is really what is intended.

Because most of the time such a commit is done by accident.

If you want to avoid committing from the top level folder (with a lengthy folder crawl to check for changes) you can open the commit dialog for one folder and drag in items from the other windows to include within the same atomic commit.

You can drag unversioned files which reside within a working copy into the commit dialog, and they will be SVN added automatically.If you want to include an unversioned file, just check that file to add it to the commit.To quickly check or uncheck types of files like all versioned files or all modified files, click the link items just above the list of shown items.If you want to keep those locks, make sure the Usually, commits are done to the trunk or a branch, but not to tags.After all, a tag is considered fixed and should not change.Committing a folder does on any modified file in the commit dialog will launch the external diff tool to show your changes.


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