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According to the Centers for Disease Control, teen violence can also be caused by frustration due to learning disorders, emotional distress, or attention deficits (1).

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Many begin romantic relationships for the first time. Things become even more challenging when alcohol and drugs are involved.

Studies show that there is a link between drug and alcohol abuse and teen dating violence.

A lot of teenagers experiment with drugs and alcohol.

Sometimes it’s because they feel pressure since other kids are doing it. Some teens turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to escape or relax.

Most experts agree that when a teen has access to the tools necessary for a violent plan, the chances of teen violence actually occurring increase (3).

This is especially true when teens have access to guns and other weapons, such as knives and clubs.

Teens under the influence of drugs or alcohol are more likely to become: Alcohol-charged outbursts also tend to be more violent and damaging.

Drugs and alcohol can adversely impact teen dating relationships, even if the teams involved aren’t drinking.

Teams have a lower tolerance for drugs and alcohol, so the effects are much more dramatic.


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