Teen dating violence power and control wheel Telugu sex chatting online website

Avoid being alone at school, at work, and on your way to and from places.

Vary the routes and times you travel to and from home school or work.

Both include hitting, yelling, threatening, name calling and other forms of verbal, sexual, emotional and physical abuse.

Things to do when ending an abusive relationship Keep a dated record of the abuse.

Do not meet your partner alone, or let them into your house or car while you are along.

If we can’t describe it that way, is there a more accurate way to talk about abuse? It’s called The Duluth Model, and at its core is the Power & Control Wheel.

Relationship violence is a combination of a number of different tactics of abuse that are used to maintain — which are the words in the very center of the wheel.

’ Does your partner make your choose between him/her or family and friends?

Has your partner forced or intimidated you into having sex?

While the inside of the wheel is comprised of subtle, continual behaviors, the outer ring represents physical, visible violence.

These are the abusive acts that are more overt and forceful, and often the intense acts that reinforce the regular use of other subtler methods of abuse. Our advocates use the wheel to help teach callers about the dynamics of an abusive relationship.

The wheels were adapted by Asesoria Capacitación y Asistencia en Salud A.

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