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I’ve never once encountered a non-binary character in fiction and it would be great to see more representation of trans people in general, who aren’t the victims of murder or twisted criminals.

Owl: I think for me the type of books I identify with the most are either books that focus on fantasy or sci-fi worlds.

Alternatively I do travel a lot, and I do the majority of my reading then.

So I guess my book taste and the book we’ve written are quite far apart! Sci-fi is really such a vast category that encompasses anything from a slightly different world to ours to epic space battles and galaxy adventures.

A lot of the sci-fi books I read usually have video games or TV show equivalents such as Owl: Reading for me is a luxury most of the time too so when I’m at home I like to read just before bed.

Owl: There are definitely some great Icelandic authors out there but I feel that it's often very male-dominated.

There is a great crime author called Lilja Sigurðardóttir – she writes fantastic novels such as the book Fox: I adore a whole range of books, from autobiography to science fiction.

It was the biggest I had been part of, about 12 people, so there was loads to discuss.

Additionally, I’ve been involved with Penguin’s Write Now project.We have a creative section for books on screen printing and illustrating.We also have a growing section on books we have contributed to, including Juno Roche’s Owl: I don’t, I’ve never gotten into the habit. I always try to end my reading at the end of a chapter anyway, which makes it easier.We packed it with all sorts of practical information that we would’ve loved to have had, along with affirmations that there is no right or wrong way to be trans.Trans people come in all different shapes and sizes and gender is an expansive continuum of identity and expression.My mother reads nothing but autobiographies so she’ll often lend me a book which has particularly affected her.

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