Template for validating an assessment tool

Your RTO might choose to validate its training products more often, for example, if risk indicators demonstrate that more frequent validation is required.

Indicators of risk might include: ASQA may also identify certain training products that need more attention.

As part of validation, your RTO must have a documented plan which describes: Moderation is a quality control process aimed at bringing assessment judgements into alignment.

template for validating an assessment tool-48

Determine the period of time to be considered based on your training and assessment strategies and timetabling.

Consider assessment judgements made over a period of at least six months; this aligns with the retention requirements described in ASQA’s .

The requirement in the Standards to undertake validation of assessment judgements does not affect your RTO’s ability to undertake moderation activities, or any other process aimed at increasing the quality of assessment.

You could also work with other RTOs—from the same or different industry areas—and collaboratively validate each other’s assessment practices and judgements.

A validation schedule is a five year plan; each training product must be reviewed at least once in that five-year period.

At least 50 per cent of the training products must be validated in the first three years of the schedule.

When making adjustments, ensure your schedule continues to meet the timeframe and completion requirements discussed above.

If you are validating a qualification, validate the assessment practices and judgements from a sample of the units of competency within that qualification.

At least two units of competency should be sampled when validating a qualification.

You may expand the number of units to validate at any time during the validation process, particularly when validation outcomes indicate that assessment judgments are not valid.

In sampling terms, the error level can also be referred to as the ‘margin of error’.


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