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Shortly after his twenty eighth birthday, “For the Love of Ray J” aired. The show started with a total of fourteen girls doing whatever they feel is necessary to win Ray J’s love.Or at least that’s what they were supposed to be fighting for.

As you flip through the channels on your TV, how many times do you flip past a reality tv show? With topics ranging from modeling, to food, to love, there is almost a reality show for every type of tv viewer.

And with that being said, I chose to talk about one particular reality show.

But yeah, you’d get into a little trouble if you went into a more Christian environment [wearing it].

When you work at Sea World you meet a lot of celebrities.

In so many words, Ray J now has the reputation of being a “Hollywood Player”, and now at the age of twenty eight, Ray J has decided to look for love.

Thus the title of his reality show, “For the Love of Ray J”.The fourteen girls were: “Lil Hood”, “Chardonnay”, “Unique”, “Caviar”, “Fiesty”, “Hot Cocoa”, “Atomic Bomb”, “Genuine”, “Cocktail”, “Naturalle”, “Cashmere”, “Danger”, “Stilts”, and “Stacks.” All fourteen ladies received these nicknames on the first show, and are addressed by these names for the entire season.In some cases, these nicknames will stick with these ladies maybe for the rest of their lives.With several eliminations, and a few voluntary leaves, there were four remaining ladies fighting for Ray J’s heart.Those four ladies were: “Danger”, “Chardonnay”, “Cocktail”, and “Unique”. Did New Yorkers get to see lots of your abs in the past four months? We’d be out somewhere and Chet would always be like, “Hey, have you seen Scott’s abs?!?

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