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Sometimes you just have to figuratively keep pitching the ball until they're able to hit it and run with it. She currently serves as Executive Director of the Validation Institute and offers Validation workshops in parts of Europe.She is also a popular speaker in North America and Europe; and, she and her husband have made numerous videos and films about aging and the Validation Method.

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Ideally, it also provides a sense of peace in their final stage of life.

Feeling validated, respected and understood, they are less likely to exhibit the agitation and frustration often characterized by dementia sufferers.

Lucy Boyd, RN, BSN has written several nonfiction books including "The Complete Guide to Healthy Cooking and Nutrition for College Students." She is frequently called upon to provide career guidance to medical professionals and advice to parents of children with challenges.

She also loves teaching others to cook for their families.

Validation may require you to agree with a statement that has been made, even though the statement is neither true or real, because to the person with dementia, it may actually be both true and real.

Additionally, the principles of Validation Therapy attempt to help you determine the underlying cause behind the actions taken or words spoken, and, to discover how those actions or words are true for the person with dementia.

View Full Profile Therapist: "You seemed angry with your son today." Patient: "Yes, he really hurt my feelings by telling people that I'm crazy. I worked 12 hours a day putting him through school and now he treats me like this." Being silent gives the patient an opportunity to consider his thoughts, explains Michael Zychowicz, a Mount Saint Mary College faculty member.

The psychologist shows the patient her support by sitting quietly with him as he collects his thoughts, fostering the therapeutic relationship.

As you quietly listen to someone explaining something to you, you may utter an occasional, “Hh huh,” at the correct moments or periodically nod your head.


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