Too many fish in the sea dating Chat with females in your area

Instead, I was flooded (immediately) with sexually threatening messages.

I also got repeatedly accused (in very hostile fashion) of being a 'scammer' (just like on nll (niche dating site), zoosk etc.) - super offensive btw.

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tons of average looking women who are maybe a 3 out of 10 but act like they're a 10. women thinking they're better than they actually are. The site doesn't care about your search criteria and matches you with the women who are not in your age group or those who live too far. I WAS on here about 4 years ago and I left because it was awful.

I despise women with an attitude problem but it's even worse when the one's with the attitude are very very plain looking. It's now even worse which takes some doing and amazed it's got 3 stars.

Thankfully I didn't invest any real time or energy into it, but a lot of women do and get abused in the process. in order to 'find the best matches' for you. How does anyone get past the initial questionnaire? " data-username="Persinette  M." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Persinette M." data-details="Photo uploaded on 6/17/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/" data-browse-link="/photos/" data-browse-text="Browse all POF photos" Tip for consumers: While I did appreciate the ability to communicate freely without a paywall, the seedy guys weren't worth my time (outside of being good for a laugh/experimenting with). Many of which are prostitutes and escort agencies posing as regular women.

It's blatant data collection (there's the real shadiness - they need to harvest all the data they can for the AI overlords...nefarious aims much? If you ever watch the TV station Investigative Discovery, people have been killed from using this horrific site.

cringe attempts at 'poetry', which amounted to nothing more than word salad (well, 'graphorrhea' - if you want to get technical), and some copy paste pick-up line drivel. I notice there's a lot of bitter reviewers here bashing women for not answering their messages. Absolutely insane I will add One woman on her headline said she is tired of men offering to pay her bills.

More often than not, we're bombarded with too many (duh) - it gets overwhelming. Maybe you scare (bully) the women you perceive as conventionally 'hot' off sites like these by constantly accusing them of being 'bots'. If we're not attractive enough - you dehumanize us. If that is true the desperate men should hang the heads in shame Always issues trying to log into this site.

Basically this is full of ordinary women who would struggle to get a date in the real world so they join this pof lark and boom they start to think they are a diva with all the attention they get.

I think it must like a kid at Christmas for them and they revel in the attention they've never had and start believing they're an actual catch You only have to see how many of them in their late 30s have put their longest relationship is under a year that's a huge red flag. There's a reason no man wants them Definitely much better females in the real world.

The women are ruder pickier nastier, act more entitled and just worse than 2015.


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