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A new capability in j Tor Chat is the broadcast mode, which allows a user to send messages to everybody in the network, even if they are not in their buddylist.

Also buddy request mode is implemented, which allows a user to request a random user in the j Tor Chat network to add them.

As of 5 February 2013, developer Prof7bit moved Tor Chat to Git Hub, of Tor Chat protocol and its Python implementation was conducted.

It isn't mobile optimized yet, but that's something that will hopefully be improved shortly.

The source code is available on Github if you're interested in contributing! Mis It's essentially impossible to block someone on tor.

For downloads of the latest versions please see the downloads section: Chat/downloads Please don't use the master branch at all, it still points to torchat_py but will soon be moved, if you have own work based on master then please rebase it to torchat_py.

This branch torchat2 is a rewrite from scratch, using Lazarus Free Pascal.

Since onion services can receive incoming connections even if they are behind a router doing network address translation (NAT), Tor Chat does not need any port forwarding to work.

It is written in Python and used the cross-platform widget toolkit wx Python which made it possible to support a wide range of platforms and operating systems.

This ID will be randomly created by Tor when the client is started the first time, it is basically the .onion address of an onion service.

Tor Chat clients communicate with each other by using Tor to contact the other's onion service (derived from their ID) and exchanging status information, chat messages and other data over this connection.

The older Windows versions of Tor Chat were built with py2exe (since replaced with pyinstaller) and came bundled with a copy of Tor readily configured so that it could be run as a portable application right off a USB flash drive without any installation, configuration or account creation.

Between 20 weren't any updated packages, resulting in the bundled version of Tor becoming obsolete and unable to connect to the Tor network, A fork was released for OS X in the summer of 2010 by a French developer.

There's also an r/Onions room set up where you can discuss the goings on of the sub with other members.


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