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I thought no one would see this because it was just a silly little cable show. My uncle has said it’s been translated in Spanish, Chinese and seen as far as Costa Rica.

Didn’t know it would end up being the first thing you see when you Google my name six years later. I get emails from everywhere from Prague to Botswana. The cool thing about this job is we get to take on these little strange questions and investigate them to the fullest extent.

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We find different myths from us scouring the internet, people submitting ideas on the message boards, talking to us on the street, and viewers sending in stuff.

We also have a master list we have been building since Mythbusters inception in 2003. If it just so happens that we have access to a huge wind machine, we might just do something with hurricanes.

Since then, she has shown off more than just her romper with risqu© photos in FHM Magazine, becoming one of the most fantasized about engineers of all time. And so I came to Jamie in the shop, M5 Industries and asked for an internship.

BLAST: Can you describe your first TV show experience? Crazy and most amazing classroom she got to play Mother Nature in our school play. Got an internship with Jamie, and it turns out my first day as an intern was the first day Mythbusters started filming there.

KARI BYRON: I was in kindergarten, I Was on the news. They had a little project that they needed a girl for.

He did this story called airplane toilet where a larger woman was using an airplane toilet and flushed before standing up and got sucked into it. They needed to make a mold of a behind for the experiment and I just happened to let them volunteer mine. They did a 3D scan of mine and I was able to work on it on a computer sculpturing software so I could learn the program. It is in almost every country and everywhere we go.

If we decided to do that, we might do it sooner than later. I have the support of my husband and my girlfriend who takes care of my baby when I am at work. He races motorcycles and is a tattoo artist and is just generally a bad-ass. It is basically that the race car can move so fast and have so much downwind force that it can drive upside down on the track.

Then we break it apart to see what the process is to do it. You wake up in the morning, take care of baby, go to work, take care of Mythbusters, go home, take care of baby. It’s so much more fun and fulfilling and I just don’t waste time anymore. At home I am taking care of baby and of mom, but at work, I am taking care of Kari. BLAST: Are there any myths you really want to bust that haven’t been on the show? All we need is a track and a Formula 1 race car, which you know, we can’t find anyone who wants to lend us one. KB: The amazing part of our support structure here at “Mythbusters” is they can get so much stuff for free, or for trade or for the most minute amount of money. Since the show is getting more popular, people have been offering us stuff more and more.

It’s really just depends on what were interested in and how easy it is to do. BLAST: Does he watch you on TV and is just shocked that you get to do what most boys would love to do?

We also look at what is going on in the media at that time, for instance, balloon boy. KB: I don’t know, half the stuff I do, he’s like “I cant believe you even wanted to do that stuff, that’s nuts! He does all sorts of things that boys want to do as well.

BLAST: What is the step by step process of a myth getting onto the show?


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