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But have you ever felt awkward to start a naughty conversation through text messages?

Or at another time, did your mind ever go blank when your partner asked you to say something sexy in a text? [Read: Easy ways to start text flirting with a friend] Using sexy text messages to seduce your lover Firstly, if you want to seduce a sexy friend or a new lover, or want to start talking dirty for the first time through text messages, you need to read these features.

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[Read: 10 fun sex games to play with your guy in bed] #14 I’m looking for sex toys online… Cause I want you to kiss me and do things to me in your mind and tell me all about it. #19 I can see two pussies humping outside my window.

#15 I had a naughty dream last night and you were in me… They’re meowing so much it’s hard for me to go back to sleep. [Read: 7 sexiest texting games you can ever play] Once you use any of these lines as your sext text conversation starter, it’ll automatically get your lover’s mind racing into sexual overdrive.

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If you want to enjoy a sexy text conversation, you need to involve your partner.

You need to excite them slowly and you need to make them feel like they’re a part of the sexual buildup.

Naughty and raunchy text messages are an integral part of every relationship.

We’ve all been there, and we’ve all sent it to a special someone.

] 20 sexy messages to start a sexy conversation Keep your sexy text messages naughty and mysterious.


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