Transferability and updating of disaggregate travel demand models

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A variation on the technique is to use costs rather than time in the diversion ratio.

transferability and updating of disaggregate travel demand models-28

The authors appreciate the support and guidance of Vidya Mysore and Terry Corkery through the project.

Of course, the views expressed here and any errors are our own responsibility, and not that of FDOT.

The early transportation planning model developed by the Chicago Area Transportation Study (CATS) focused on transit.

It wanted to know how much travel would continue by transit.

The CATS had diversion curve techniques available and used them for some tasks.

At first, the CATS studied the diversion of auto traffic from streets and arterial roads to proposed expressways.

Further, a detailed discussion is presented on the various aspects that need to be considered while assessing the transferability of activity-based travel demand model systems.

The literature review presented in this paper was undertaken as part of a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) project on activity-based modeling for metropolitan regions in Florida.

This paper provides an extensive review of the literature on spatial transferability of travel forecasting models.

From the review, a synthesis is prepared on: (1) the theoretical and practical considerations related to model transferability, (2) the approaches and metrics used to assess model transferability, (3) the methods used to transfer models, and (4) the empirical evidence on model transferability.

The CATS divided transit trips into two classes: trips to the Central Business District, or CBD (mainly by subway/elevated transit, express buses, and commuter trains) and other (mainly on the local bus system).


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