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As saw in that horrible video her in Belgrade stumbling on the stage what was to be her big comeback concert this summer, that wasn`t happening. You know, I mean I think - I think it remains to be seen what happened and I think we`ll know in a month. BEHAR: It`s interesting that Anderson Cooper is a "Housewives" fan. And yet, she is a survivor but she has none of the toughness that that term implies. ANDERSON COOPER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: For three years? (END VIDEO CLIP) BEHAR: I`m happy to welcome to my show for the first time actually Anderson Cooper. The end is in sight, she stopped doing drugs and she`s talking about - and seriously talking about getting off alcohol. But I watched the whole first season as a viewer, watching the second season, you know, it was kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, and now it`s sort of, I don`t know, knowing what we know now, I don`t know, I look at it differently. BEHAR: Now, let`s talk about you having your mom on your show. My dad died when I was ten -- after 12 years of marriage and my brother committed suicide in front of her.

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(COMMERCIAL BREAK) BEHAR: CNN reporter Anderson Cooper was attacked by mobs in Egypt and helped rescuers after the earthquake in Haiti. There`s going to be a full toxicology report next month. And they feel that she was alone in bed for six hours before security guards checked on her.

COOPER: You know what, the toxicology report did show that there`s no -- there were no illegal drugs in her system, so it leaves a question, prescription drugs and alcohol. COOPER: Yeah, except I guess more of a violent response and, you know, she would swallow her tongue and bite down on her tongue. BEHAR: How old were you when your brother committed suicide?

MCGRAW: There`s been a leak about that that came out in advance of the interview. MCGRAW: I think she is desperate to reconcile within herself how her daughter could do these things or this thing because she`s saying, "My daughter couldn`t do that. I said, isn`t it possible that this is just a really bad character flaw, that this is the actions of an unconscionable psychopath or sociopath. The thought was maybe it was just garbage or something like that.

Tell me, what did Cindy tell you about a seizure that Casey had? I mean -- BEHAR: This is just Cindy hallucinating that the girl might have had something to explain the behavior without any kind of proof at all. Casey controls those so, of course, I haven`t seen them. In fact there was something that had maggots growing on and a pizza box. And that was easier for me now being a grandfather, where I have a little granddaughter about Caylee`s age.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Coming up on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, Casey Anthony`s parents talk with Dr.

Phil and what they think really happened with Casey and Caylee. Then Anderson Cooper gives Joy the inside scoop on his interview with Amy Winehouse`s parents on his new show.

I`m sitting there watching this guy thinking he doesn`t sound clean and sober to me. I see -- he said he`s been clean and sober for two years. He said, I got to go home and see my grandkids, first. We get him to rehab, he lasts a week and then he`s gone. So, there is all these questions about his business, he was deeply in debt, you know, living beyond his means and questions about what was going on in his business life. So it could have been just that both of them had a hard time and they just both killed themselves? COOPER: Well, it could have been they had done something wrong and were worried about what was about to come out and they killed themselves or, you know, pressures built up. They are still in the process of reediting the episodes. And it`s really -- it`s an incredibly emotional hour.

He goes up there and parties for four or five days. BEHAR: OK, let`s talk about the housewives -- "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," they have a tragic thing happened. What a lot of people don`t realize is that Russell committed suicide the day after his business partner committed suicide. She still believes the next great love is right around the corner.

MCGRAW: I think they do admit that when they went to pick the car up, and George walked up to the car, the smell was overwhelming. MCGRAW: He said one of the greatest reliefs in his life was that his daughter or granddaughter was not in that trunk when he opened it. MCGRAW: -- told them at the time was that she was with Zanny the nanny. And so her attitude was, look, I want to see the baby. (CROSSTALK) MCGRAW: She knows that -- BEHAR: And at what point in the 31 days, do you know, when she went there to check it out? And you know, I`m being careful about what I say and not just as a tease for people to watch the interview because I know people will watch this interview. MCGRAW: But I want them to speak in their own words. That part is about the trial itself and the verdict and what`s happened since then. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) MCGRAW: You told a lot of lies to us while you were here. (END VIDEO CLIP) BEHAR: Why do you seem shocked that a drug addict would lie? What I was shocked about was that everybody in America bought this.

MCGRAW: Well, the story that Casey -- (CROSSTALK) BEHAR: Yes. MCGRAW: What they thought was that out of spite Casey was keeping the child away from Cindy because she was upset with her and she was punishing her by withholding the child. MCGRAW: Two or three weeks through -- it`s about the time she`s -- (CROSSTALK) BEHAR: And yet another 15 days went by. MCGRAW: Well, there were a lot of things in the interview that were - - excuse me -- very surprising and shocking to me. A two-parter even though you said you spent a lot more time with them but you had to condense it. Then there`s a third part on the following Monday that wraps it up. BEHAR: But I mean this is a guy who was a homeless drug addict with a golden voice. And he would say, hey, see the hits on 101 and do his spiel and he recorded him one day on a little a flip phone and he just put it on You Tube. Well, let`s look at some of your interview with him. MCGRAW: We`re going to take a look at one of the clips from one of the show. I show you this because I want you to say, that was me then, that is not who I am now. If you`re honest enough to own that, then you can be believed with what you`re saying today.

(CROSSTALK) BEHAR: What about the urge to see your grandchild? MCGRAW: And she continues to ask questions but nothing is there. MCGRAW: And then she finds out, at the end of the 31 days, that Zanny, another lie, has supposedly kidnapped her. I would have predicted it, I would have said, well, they would have denied that he molested her, they would have denied that he was at the scene, they would have said that the daughter prevented them from seeing -- was there anything in the interview you didn`t expect them to say that they said? He`s here tonight to tell Joy all about his first day on the job. Phil Mc Graw and we`re moving on from the Anthonys because I think we have to watch the show tomorrow night and Wednesday. MCGRAW: I just thought he wasn`t very responsive so I didn`t spend nine hours with him. MCGRAW: He was discovered on the corner -- people kind of knew, the guy with a paper up in Columbus went by and he would always say, "Hey, Ted, give me some of that radio voice," you know.


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