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" width="350" height="485" title="Allison Holker and Ryan Rankine, So You Think You Can Dance" class="b-lazy" data-amp-src="" / tiptoes toward us, it's safe to say that few fans will be happy to say goodbye to the remaining dancers.The most recent elimination dealt a shocking blow: Longtime favorite Allison Holker, the 18-year-old contemporary specialist from Utah, was voted off the stage. If it was just about dancing, none of us would be stressed out at all, we'd just be having the time of our lives.And then as soon as I started dancing they gave me that "no personality" [label], which made it even harder for me.

But I saw it in shorter form and they didn't use any of it. I'm more of an internal dancer, and that obviously doesn't read well on camera. Is there any truth to Nigel's comment that you lack self-confidence? Do you think you just got off on the wrong foot?

Allison: We went to high school together, and we went to homecoming together my sophomore year. We're doing the tour, and there's a lot going on, so we can't really expect a whole lot right now.

There's a lot of teaching offers, convention things, even some modeling.

America loves to see the improvement, the person who's come out of nowhere. Allison: My contemporary piece with Ivan was by far my favorite. Tyce Diorio is amazing, the choreography was so good. I'm in love with the tango it just puts you in a different person's shoes. Allison: I love Ivan with all my heart, but I would have loved to dance with Travis [Wall].

We dance so much alike, and we have so much history together not personal history, but we worked together this last year... It would have been fun to show how we know each other that well. And in that city alone, there are like eight dance studios. Have you received offers for jobs after the show?

When I did say personal comments from my heart, it would somehow get edited out of the tapings. Can you give us an example of what was cut? If anything, I wasn't allowing myself to open up in front of millions of viewers through a little camera.

Ryan: After disco this week, Cat asked me how I thought I did, and I said I was just having fun and if I can inspire one person to dance and not do anything negative with their life, then I've done my job. If I were in an arena and you had millions of people there, I could do that, because I'm dancing to human beings.

I kinda felt it in my spirit because of how the judges have been getting on me for the last couple of weeks. Then Travis [was in the bottom two with me], and I kind of see Travis as winning the whole competition. I was happy that I was able to be a part of this experience and grow from it as I did. Not only the cast but in wardrobe and music, these people you see every single day, and then when you go home, you're leaving all of them.


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