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They are the driving force behind ion track technology.

(1963) Method of Forming Fine Holes of Near Atomic Dimensions. Ion accelerators provide an immense technological potential for applications.

Sodium hydroxide solutions are most commonly used for polymers.

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Young found an explanation for naturally occurring ion tracks in minerals: fission fragments from traces of uranium. (1894) Results of Etch Method in Crystallographic Research (in German). The etching process accentuates the invisible defect raising it to a useful level.

At known uranium concentration, their number density tells about the time when the mineral has solidified from its melt and is used as a geological clock. The acceleration energy of heavy ions exceeds classical techniques by orders of magnitude. They are usually non-conducting and homogeneous down to the molecular scale.

Each track corresponds to the passage of exactly one ion through the solid.

The ion track technique uses heavy particles for scribing.

The beam spot diameter ranges between micrometers and meters.

The total number of ions available each second ranges from one individual ion up to billions of ions per square meter.For applications in micro and nano-technology, one has to master the fabrication of nearly identical nano-channels. Soap bubbles consist of self organized mono-layers of tenside molecules forming a flexible membrane.Similar to biological membranes the membrane is impermeable for hydrated ions. In this way the effect is magnified by orders of magnitude. (1958) Etching of radiation damage in lithium fluoride. The technique uses etching as a chemical amplifier.The ion energy is released in a narrow channel along the ion path. Quartz is one example of such a radiation resistant material that can be treated.


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