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Do you see/feel any flaw in this logic (or) any better way of doing this?

I've created a Trigger , trigger Sample Opp Trigger1 on Opportunity (after insert, after update) Whenever opportunity gets created/updated , Test Phone Account__c is gets inserted/updated with the same value as in Test Phone Opportunity__c .

Along with that i want to update the " Test Phone Contact__c " field belonging to " Contact " of an Account by which Opportunity is saved.

I am just asking is there anything other way than when clause.

(Because when clauses does the required and takes time) for example update emp set sal=sal 10in this update statement there is no user/status column.

So I dont want to do any checking.update emp set sal=sal 10,staus=nvl(status,'COMPLETE'); In this case I do want to do the checking.

With when clause even though the body does not get fired, it takes timing for checking here are stats I found.

Is that something can be achieved without using Triggers?

April 22, 2012 - am UTC you cannot really truly prevent the owner. Never grant anything on that column (do not grant update)Do not put code into the schema owner Lock the schema owner except for upgradessure, you could use a trigger and make everything slower for everyone (and still not solve the problem, I'm the owner, I'll just disable it).

1) Define a new application context APP_CTX 2) set dbms_session.


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