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She will see right through this and immediately peg you as someone who cannot be trusted.

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Trusting in a relationship first begins with yourself.

If you have a difficult time trusting yourself in general, it will make it difficult for you to trust your partner in a loving and healthy way.

Don't expect her to give you more trust than you have given her. If there is something that you have not told her and feel that it could impact the relationship, you should fess up.

If you keep a secret that she finds out about later, she will lose any trust that has been cultivated.

Discuss shared interests and do more listening than talking. Men often make women feel uncomfortable with eye contact.

If you are nervous, your natural tendency may be to look away or avoid eye contact.Below I’m going to mention three really important ways to build trust in any relationship.1.) Communicate – be vulnerable with each other Be open with each other.I didn’t really know who I was as a person and was always second guessing the decisions I was making in my life.I took this insecurity and projected it onto my girlfriend at the time.The most successful relationships have a strong foundation of trust.

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