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All you need to do is use the following format: ( )(Country Code)(Area Code without the leading zero)(Phone Number).

Use Viber for Desktop to make free international calls if you are a person who spends most of their day in front of a computer or you just don’t have your phone with you at that moment.

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You don’t want an embarrassing situation where you are cut off from a business call with your team as a result of running out of credit.

Viber Out is a low-cost calling service to any international destination in the world.

Making international calls hasn’t always been easy.

Remember the times when you had to use your landline and a “cheap international calling rate number” to call abroad?

All Viber-to-Viber communication is absolutely free as long as your loved ones are also Viber users and you both have an internet connection.

Viber Out is the best solution for when you need to call a landline, someone who doesn’t have Viber or someone who doesn’t have an internet connection.

For example, you can choose whether you need a 30-Day Calling Plan or a Monthly Subscription Plan if you travel abroad frequently.

The first thing you should do before traveling abroad is to check whether your mobile service provider allows you to make international calls and whether your contract covers the amount of data and minutes you’ll need to use while you’re away.

If you know that your phone is able to work abroad, you can keep using your local SIM card as you normally would at home.

If it’s not included then find out how much it will cost to use and make sure your phone is suitable for using abroad and is unlocked so you can also have the choice to use an international SIM card.

Discover international low calling rates for any destination of your choice.


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