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The version used during 1973–1978 was ICD-8, while during 1995–2010 the versions were ICD-9 and ICD-10.Up to 1978, practically all clinics were using the LMP date in order to calculate the EDD.

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Our hypothesis was that a change in the method of dating pregnancy might have led to an increased risk for prematurity-related adverse outcomes among male infants in relation to female infants by introducing a misclassification bias due to sex differences in early growth.

The aim of this study was to compare rates of adverse prematurity-related outcomes in early term and late preterm male infants in relation to their female counterparts, between a time period, when pregnancy dating was based on the LMP, and a time period when ultrasound was used for pregnancy dating, in order to assess the dating method’s influence on prematurity-related adverse outcomes by fetal sex.

By contrast, from 1995 on, nearly all clinics based EDD assessment on US biometry and documented the EDD-US in the MBR.

Routine US scanning has been offered to all pregnant women since 1990, and more than 95 % of the women accept this offer [14].

In many countries, as in Sweden, fetal biometry is the recommended single method for estimation of gestational age (GA) and estimated delivery date (EDD), and the date of the last menstrual period (LMP) is only used when no US estimate is available [1].

In other countries, the estimation is based on the date of the LMP or a combination of both methods.Such routine scanning is typically performed early in the second trimester (gestational weeks 17–19) for assessing GA, detection of multiple births, placental location, and congenital anomalies [1].According to a 1996 study, when 59 clinics in Sweden provided obstetric and antenatal care, US scanning was performed at gestational weeks 16–20 in 52 clinics and at 10–15 weeks in three clinics [1].We compared rates of prematurity-related adverse outcomes in male infants born early term (gestational week 37–38) or late preterm (gestational week 35–36), in relation to female infants, between a time period when pregnancy dating was based on the last menstrual period (1973–1978), and a time period when ultrasound was used for pregnancy dating (1995–2010), in order to assess the method’s influence on outcome by fetal sex.As expected, adverse outcomes were lower in the later time period, but the reduction in prematurity-related morbidity was less marked for male than for female infants.This increase in mortality and morbidity can reflect the fact that girls born post-term may be more mature than their US-based GA indicates, as their EDD was moved forward in time because of their smaller size at the time of ultrasound pregnancy dating.


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