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Going by this train of thought, hiring a geisha to have a dinner banquet with is not easy especially if you’re not Japanese and not well-connected, as it is exclusive AND expensive.

Fortunately, most ochaya have lessened their restrictions lately and tourists can now have a geisha dinner if they go through partnered travel agencies and hotels.

Boasting the greatest height of domestic single peak mountains in the country, Mount Fuji is loved as a sightseeing attraction representative of Japan throughout the world.

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Should they ever fall in love and want to marry, then sometimes they must retire because geisha (most especially in Kyoto) are expected to be single.

Nevertheless, there are now a lot of places in Japan (like Tokyo) that allow married, divorced and/or women with children to become geisha.

Among them, Kawaguchiko and Yamanakako are famous as locations that numerous photographers visit, regardless of whether they’re professionals or amateurs.

If you are especially lucky, you can encounter both the rare Red Fuji and Upside-down Fuji at once!

Of course a geisha is free to pursue personal relationships with any man that she meets through work; but such would most likely never be casual nor will it ever be her goal for such an interaction.

They live in a geisha district () which is very closely-knit community, and given how greatly they value their reputation, they would always pick their relationships carefully.This is the upside-down image that is printed on the back of 1,000-yen bills! If you want to photograph Mount Fuji’s scenery, you cannot ignore the Fuji Five Lakes!At the lakes Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Yamanakako, Shojiko, and Motosuko, formed when the cave-ins of the mountain's eruptions were filled with water, various pictures of sceneries can be taken, from lake shores to Mount Fuji.“Red Fuji” is a phenomenon that occurs during sunrise and sunset when the mountain shines in bright red.Usually, Mount Fuji impresses with the contrast of the blue mountain range’s peak being covered in white snow.Under certain conditions, it changes its appearance to a crimson color of sublime beauty. Fuji’s peak begins to melt and exposes the reddish at the beginning of summer, the tinged sunlight emphasizes this and the mountain appears vividly red.


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