Understanding seducing dating men

The stage is composed by six columns: Kezia Noble certainly has some very interesting tidbits in there, the most important of which I highlighted above.These body language topics are very vast though, and for a deeper understanding I invite you to check The Definitive Book of Body Language and What Every Body is Saying.A way to validate is to say that you appreciate something she say or does, as that sets you up as “the evaluator” (also see: soft power).

Kisses not only mean nothing, but at times can even be counterproductive by introducing uncertainties in the seduction.

For example, a kiss might happen because you were both very horny. She might feel like next time you meet it’s going to get to sex because you’ve already kissed.

A man approached him asking if she was Italian, and to her no her replied “how bad, I was looking for an Italian girlfriend”.

I otherwise didn’t like much her “opinion based openers”, which reeked a bit of The Game by Neil Strauss.

But then started to tire of them and found their rebellious streak childish and a waste of energy. Other women she knows though had the opposite, and started being into bad boys later on in their lives.

The author uses this example to make the point that men should not worry about superficial traits because those change.

Flirting is great because it intrigues and introduces the sexual without giving your cards away (check this article on how to text flirt effectively)Kezia Noble talks about “number close” and “kiss closes here”.

My Note: I very much disagree here on the kiss close as even counting at all.

When they reveal something personal and might feel a bit vulnerable, that’s when you reveal something very personal about yourself too, so you both connected on a deep is very good stuff indeed.


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