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Weird Fonts No, not a new set of fonts for the Mac, but fonts you’ve been using for ages now looking weird in Mojave.The usual sign for weird fonts is a bit of blurring or softness along the edges, even the straight horizontal or vertical lines of a letter.🙁 I tried booting into Recovery Mode (turn power on and the hold Command R) and running Disk Utility, but it was never able to repair the drive.

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Updating apple hard disk drivers lockup

You could solve the problem by upgrading to a Mac with a Retina display, or you can try the following fix: You may not be afflicted with the problem if you upgraded to Mojave from an earlier OS that had font smoothing enabled.

Even then, some users have mentioned the weird fonts even though they upgraded.

At the time of this writing, there’s no fix available for the issue that always works.

But I can list a few things that some people have reported as a cure, although just as many said the cure didn’t help them.

Once you send such a message, you may see a “Not Delivered” error message.

While the error message is a bit vexing, it gets stranger.

You still open it up, but the process it a bit more involved as there are no screws to gain access inside.

You need to separate the screen from the main chassis. There are several detailed You Tube videos that show you how to do this; I used the following one from OWC and watched it a few times to get familiar with the “surgery”.

The blurring is seen most often on non-Retina Macs.

The cause is Mojave disabling sub-pixel antialiasing, an older font rendering technique that helped fonts appear smoother and less jagged on most displays.

These 2 drives appear and act as one volume on your i Mac and the system takes care of moving/caching your most frequently used files onto the faster SSD drive.


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