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Browse through the list and look for a decryptor for your particular type of ransomware.

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The actual installtion of the modchip is not covered directly in this document, but don't worry. Here is everything you need to know to physically install the modchip.

The biggest problem people have seems to be getting the solder to make a good connect.

To learn that, use ID Ransomware – a free online service that will tell you which ransomware is currently messing with your files.

You’ll be asked to upload the ransom note file (usually found on your desktop), as well as a sample encrypted file.

Once you’re ready, simply select the folder in question and click on Decrypt. Look at the above toggle “Click to see how to use all decryptors from Emsisoft” for instructions how to use the decrypter.

Additional information, as stated by Emsisoft: “To start the decryption process you will need a file pair consisting of an encrypted file and the non-encrypted version of the same file.If you want to try:: Below you will find a list of free decryption tools that can possibly help you recover your files.However, you need the right tool for the type of encryption used on your files.We tested some of them and Data Recovery Pro seems to have the highest chance to help.Unfortunately that comes in the form of cost – you need to purchase the full version to receive its benefits.It should take about a minute or so before you see names on the right hand side. This is a good sign that you are connected properly.


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