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You don't need "bogus" keys to use AVG Free, and whether 7.x stops getting updates will have nothing to do with whether or not your key is valid -- it's a matter of when they stop providing the updates to 7.x users.(A long license won't help if updates stop coming.) Maybe you're using a trial copy of the Pro version and not AVG Free?Of course, then you'd be as silly as I am, just waiting to see when it finally stops updating for real. However it took several attempts and about two dozen different bogus license keys thrown at it.

When I decided I wanted to go back to 7.5 (after the not-so-fun experience with 8.x), I couldn't find a copy anywhere, and in a bit of a panic grabbed "avg7_503a1171_vnu.exe" from a random site.

It allowed me to reinstall 7.5, but insists on a license key.

I'm not holding my breath, I get the feeling any moment now it's going to tell me my license key is invalid and blocked. I hate to remove 7.5 because it just works so well! What I don't understand is why you're futzing with bogus keys.

It can't HELP at all, and it can only hurt, assuming you're using AVG Free as reported.

I just let the warning window sit there while the scanning completed and then closed the window... After tweaking a few settings it seems to work fine and is not bogging down my machine at all, as others have complained about...

I'm sure there are valid arguments to switch to Avast or Avira but I wanted to check out the "new and improved" AVG first... The license number is blocked."Granted that is right, several weeks ago to extend the life of my free AVG 7.5, I put in a bogus license key that made AVG think it was good until the year 2112.

I used the free trial key and it worked for several months.

When it expired not too long ago, I started using bogus keys to keep it active.

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(A bit rude; I had to kill the process to make it go away without committing to either button; doesn't it look a bit fake too?


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