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I’m giving this app a 1 star rating due to the forced change from outright purchase-type to a subscription-type service.I initially paid what I thought was s premium price for a product on the justification that this was a one time payment for charts with an un-expiring update service.

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oe SENC Vector Charts are available for Open CPN 4.6 and up. Has an extensive coverage of both sides of the North Atlantic. Charts in some areas, such as the Bahamas, the Windward and Leeward Islands, were until recently, traditional BSB3 charts. These are very large scale charts covering "The West Coast of Scotland".

The charts are available in many formats, including BSB3.

You then order an update card online, which you plug into a card reader and onto which you can download an update from the Navionics server.

Your existing card verifies that you are upgrading an older chart and can then be used as a backup.

You’ll need Navionics or Platinum (see above) and a Navionics Boating app on your i Pad or i Phone.

You can then sync chart updates and upload any sonar logs to Navionics’ servers.They could have considered “grand fathering” in the existing customers.I have had no response to any of my service requests which is also suspect.Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS Multifunction Display is a flexible and redundant solution providing the mariner with a convenient task-oriented environment. Download The Tresco Inland ECDIS viewer is the standard software for navigation in Inland Shipping. Chart plotters There are three main providers of charts – Garmin (Garmin Blue Chart) Jeppesen (C-Map) and Navionics.

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