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It is a comprehensive and highly practical guide to the transformation processes that are necessary to becoming a learning organisation.

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The pace-setters embrace the internet as a way of questioning their existing models and experimenting with ways new technology can improve their businesses. As in so many aspects of business, there is not just one right way. (1990) Decision Traps: The Ten Barriers to Brilliant Decision-Making and How to Overcome Them.

The laggards plunge in, in a half-heated manner, and hope for the best. New York: Fireside The author is former chairman of Lever Brothers, during the Seventies and Eighties, (who at that time thrashed Proctor and Gamble).

The 10 most dangerous decision traps are: The book is designed not only to list the traps to avoid but also to help the reader develop the processes of effective decision-making, much as a coach teaches the process of swimming. According to the author, in the 1980s, consultants were found in plush, high-rise office buildings, they had lengthy lunches, long dinners, and played golf with clients on weekday afternoons. They are: In this book, the author aims to integrate two important themes of contemporary management, viz. Drawing on research from both schools of thought, he offers an integrated model of learning.

There are four core principles: The four principles have a series of supporting components that cumulatively form the 10 levers of model, which is hierarchically organised into a pyramid.

Skilled learners: In her fascinating book about doing business in the new e-culture (See Kanter’s 3 Ms) she offers ten reasons why people resist change in the early stages of any new endeavour, and draws attention to what leaders must do to workaround them.

The ten reasons are: Kline has created the concept of a Thinking Environment to raise the quality of thinking of each person in the room, and in her book gives much practical advice.

Most are under five years old, and some have been spectacularly successful.

The wanna-dots are established companies, some already very successful, seeking to establish themselves on the Internet.

According to Kline, the ten components of a thinking environment are: Kanter distinguishes between and “wanna-dots”.

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