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Among other provisions, the Act provides the following: A. A flight attendant works in the cabin of an aircraft that has 20 or more seats and is used by an air carrier to provide air transportation. The more recent certificates do not show an airline name in the Limitations section, nor will they in the future. If a flight attendant has not been previously certificated, the Director of Operations (DO) submits notification to the FAA by entering certain pertinent information through a web-based interface into the Flight Attendant Certification System database signifying that the individual has successfully completed all requirements of the FAA-approved training program.

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In some cases the database update is not considered maintenance and can be performed by the pilot.

14 CFR Part 43 covers Maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding and alteration.

You are required to carry your license any time you fly – what would you do if you lost it? A Post Office Box is not acceptable as a residence address. If your residence address is listed as General Delivery, Rural Route, or Star Route, or PO Box, you must provide directions or a map for locating the residence.

Box rather than your residence as your mailing address you may provide both.

, to allow a pilot to perform specific preventive maintenance items provided— (1) The items of preventive maintenance are a result of a known or suspected mechanical difficulty or malfunction that occurred en route to or in a remote area; (2) The pilot has satisfactorily completed an approved training program and is authorized in writing by the certificate holder for each item of preventive maintenance that the pilot is authorized to perform; (3) There is no certificated mechanic available to perform preventive maintenance; (4) The certificate holder has procedures to evaluate the accomplishment of a preventive maintenance item that requires a decision concerning the airworthiness of the rotorcraft; and (5) The items of preventive maintenance authorized by this section are those listed in paragraph (c) of appendix A of this part.

Summary When the database update meets the conditions stated in paragraph (k) of 14 CFR § 43.3 it is not considered maintenance and may be performed by the pilot.

I provided a link to the licensed group, and F/A's are not listed. In the query box enter “public law 108-176” (with quotes). (4) The enters the following data for each record: · Name · Date of birth · Place of birth · Address · Physical description (height, weight, hair and eye color, and gender) · Citizenship · Qualification in Group I, Group , or both NOTE: Entering a record and generating a certificate is normally a one-time occurrence for each flight attendant, regardless of the number of air carrier training programs a flight attendant might complete.

It provides revised guidance for principal operations inspectors (POI), aviation safety inspectors ()-cabin safety, and directors of operations (DO) of certain air carriers concerning the flight attendant certification requirements established by Congress. Congress acknowledged that flight attendants perform vital crewmember functions onboard air carrier aircraft, including emergency functions for aircraft evacuations, firefighting, first aid, and response to security threats. (Two airline names would appear in the FAA database, the name of the origin airline and the name of the applicable subsequent airline.) B. He or she should send by United States Postal Service, a signed request stating the reason for the request.

The Act distinguishes between this certificate and an airman’s certificate. NOTE: An airline name appearing in the Limitations section of the certificate is not required by the Act and is not a restriction; it simply identifies the origin airline.

See Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 ) part 121, section 121.400).

The RNAV database inside the FMS should be updated according to the 28 day Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) cycle.

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