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Along with enhancements to Facebook’s mobile site itself, Metal also has its own settings.For example, Metal can generate Facebook notifications if you’re into that sort of thing.All the existing functionality of the mobile site is still in place, but Metal somehow makes it feel much more like a native app.

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Basically, this is a persistent notification that gives quick access to your feed, friend requests, messages and notifications—best of all, it does so in a floating window!

This means it leaves whatever app you’re currently in running in the foreground and just display the Metal window on top of it. Finally, there are a handful of other Facebook-specific features found in Metal.

If you change your mind later, and don’t want notifications, you can tap the lock icon in the address bar while on Facebook, then tap “Site settings”, followed by “Notifications,” and change the setting to “Block.” Next, you’ll want to add the icon to your home screen.

In Chrome, tap the menu button and then tap “Add to Home screen.” Other browsers will have similar options in their menus.

As Facebook isn’t installed as an app, it won’t be able to run in the background and access your location, which is good—those things drain your battery.

You can rearrange the Facebook icon and other app icons as normal.This provides quick access to a slew of different pages with just a tap: search, news feed, your profile, friend requests, groups, pages, and a lot more.This in itself makes Metal so much nicer than just using Facebook’s mobile site.Rather than put up with the awful app, you can use Facebook’s fairly full-featured mobile site instead.Add the website to your home screen and you can launch it in one tap, just like the app.A Facebook icon will appear on your home screen alongside your app shortcut icons and widgets, allowing you to get to Facebook with a single tap.


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