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Don't know if Truebluerover is a member of this site. I've been making my own ipfilter for quite some time in the same way as Mr. They are just a collection of blocklists from Bluetack which I merge using the Blocklist Manager software.

As for the truebluerover file that you posted, I just need to download that and it contains an that I can use with u Torrent or e Mule? I just installed BLM on another computer the other day and I produced an ..

Firewalls, latest threats and general P2P security issues are here also. I just installed BLM on another computer the other day and I produced an ..

Thanks for your efforts to keep things updated Truebluerover.

Exil IPFilter Updater is a straightforward and simple-to-use piece of software that gives you the possibility to download and update the file for u Torrent, Bit Comet, Bit Lord, Bit Spirit and e Mule, in order to modify the links in the XML file used for downloading content.

That's enough to make me doubt this TBG thing and go back to BLM. I'm saying I used BLM to produce an file, and I didn't even use all the sources, and my file is 6 MB bigger than the TBG file (plus more occurrences of certain keywords). I don't know what I'm missing but until someone tells me, I'm going to continue using BLM.

By the way, I didn't see anything about being a donator to be able to use BLM. I read posts there and I think that we can still use BLM without being a donator. But whether you have to be a donator or not, I know my file, that I created with BLM a week ago, is 6 MB bigger than the latest TBG file, so it has to contain a lot more IP addresses... Man, why not just provide a direct link from instead of hashing a new file for ed2k every week?

For example, Disney is on the list of IPs that are filtered: You can change the settings under Options Filter level. So I am leaving it up to you users of these lists to harass whoever makes the lists you use (I got no idea).

A number of 0 will disable the Ipfilter and you will get max. The IPs can go up to 254 but I would only filter that strictly if you are paranoid. Looking at the file, it contains this line: - , 000 , XServer-IP-Network-6 Considering that ru is 176.1, I think I found the problem. It seems as though Bluetack are choosing to include this website in their "spyware" blocklist as part of the XServer-IP-Network-6 range.

Any downloads from elsewhere could well be suffering from the same affliction. Remember only bulletproof method is to unplug the ethernet wire... I only compile various blocklists which I get from Bluetack so I'm not responsible for what is being blocked. Reply 2 Hello, Truebluerover, That is the ru e Donkey server and is one of the few reliable servers on the network.

I have no idea why Bluetack choose to block this range. I've received 2 replies to my question from Bluetack: Reply 1 Hi, we'll have a look into unblocking the individual IP. Please let me apologize for not taking care of this sooner. The pre-merged IP filters / lists used to be free to download, now those files are only available to donators.

As for the truebluerover file that you posted, I just need to download that and it contains an that I can use with u Torrent or e Mule?


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