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The result is an empty table based on the columns in the SELECT clause of the query.

The DEPT_EAST table has already been created with the same structure (same columns and data types) as DEPT and is currently empty.

Simply follow the INSERT statement with a query that returns the desired rows.

Typically, when you do not wish to specify a value for a column, you leave that column out of your column and values lists: Here, no value for ID is specified.

Many would expect the column to taken on the null value, but, alas, a default value was specified at table creation time, so the result of the preceding INSERT is that ID takes on the value 0 (the default).

The syntax for inserting a single row is consistent across all database brands.

As a shortcut, you can omit the column list in an INSERT statement: of the columns in the table, and be mindful of the order of the values in the VALUES list; you must supply values in the same order in which the database displays columns in response to a SELECT * query.But if you do not specify your target columns, you must insert into You want to create a new table having the same set of columns as an existing table.For example, you want to create a copy of the DEPT table and call it DEPT_2.All brands support use of the DEFAULT keyword as a way of explicitly specifying the default value for a column.Some brands provide additional ways to solve the problem.In the solution provided, the expression “1 = 0” in the WHERE clause of the query causes no rows to be returned.


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