Online chatting with sexy girls 25 only - Updating mei bill validators

There are small switches on the side of the mech to set the number of pulses, and you can coordinate same in the settings menu of your game to make sure it is awarded the correct number of credits per dollar. If you buy a used validator, MEI or other wise, make sure it’s updated to at least take new bills.

As I mentioned above, I got a good number of fives in my games.

Smaller bill cartridges for MEI are usually on Ebay cheap, in case you need a smaller one.

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I have about 5 machines equipped with them currently, and the most I’ll see in one is about $35, for some reason pinheads still like to drop quarters into machines.

When both coin slots are jammed, trust me, a bill acceptor is much needed.

FWIW, I have mechs on Go T, TWD, ST, STTNG, Wo Z and POTC(the OG) and I get about $10 in quarters for every dollar in the mech OP, bottom line, it won’t hurt to add one, but in my opinion, they are not worth the expense.

I got about 50/50 bills to coins when I had games out.

But from what I’ve read from other posters in this thread, I seem to to be an oddity in this regard… I have three locations that I place games and one has a change machine.

I find that it often gives me more trouble than the pins ha. Most counters aren’t that welcoming to giving change, even if they say they do.

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Good afternoon, I recently picked up a Batman 66 premium and an Iron Maiden pro.

I wanting to add dollar bill validators to them, but am uncertain as to what kind I need and where to look for one that is the correct size, reliable and compatible with those games. ICT A series bill Acceptor Validators I believe this is what you get when you order one through your distributor.


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