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Please raise a case to Workshare Support and request patch CR01111190.Note: The patch deploys the registry key required to enable the new metadata cleaning process.This version of Office provides the ability for add-ins to use up to 128GB of physical memory (assuming the machine provides that much memory), which is substantially more than what’s possible with 32-bit Office and means that the issue is highly unlikely to occur again.

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When Outlook is restarted, its virtual memory allocations are reset so the issue is temporarily resolved until the virtual memory allocations are depleted again.

By default, Outlook displays a brief animation while expanding message conversations or groups.

Now for the final step – designing/modifying the signature. Create your signature in email signature generator.2.

Tip: If parts of the signature get copied incorrectly, you can always go to Creating a signature for a single user may be child’s play.

In Microsoft Exchange Server organizations you can deploy server-level email signatures via the transport rules in Exchange 2016, 2013, 20.

A similar feature exists in Google Apps for Business and Exchange Online.

If you're uncertain whether you're experiencing the animations issue or the memory fragmentation issue, try turning animations off and see if the issue subsides.

It it does, it was likely the source of the problem. The new method no longer resides in the Outlook process, which reduces the amount of virtual memory required to the absolute minimum.

See the system requirements and download instructions in Important information for 64-bit download.


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