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Make sure that the device selected is correct (it’s probably the name of your sound card, not your speakers, as mine is a Realtek sound card) then click on the “Volume…” button: Finally, the master Volume Control on the left side is what’s most likely affecting the playback of audio in Windows Media Player.

Make sure it’s not muted (mine is in the screenshot, notice) then move the slider up or down just a bit.

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It was just way too many compromises for a $4200 instrument. It's all opinion of course, but I see one as a trivial convenience, and the other as an absolute necessity for a board of this type.

For example, I accept the fact that my Electro 3 is mono-timbral because I know it takes CPU to do multiple sound engines at once. No excuse, especially since this is sold as an all-in-one performance keyboard. Did you really find the lights to be anywhere near as useful as being able to set your own split points?

) Click on the “Audio” tab along the top to get to the audio application output settings.

That’ll look like this: The area of interest is labeled “Sound playback”.

I got one, used it for three days, and sent it back. The myriad of little reasons included: EPs that don't stand up to the competition as well as they used to; action that I didn't like at all for organ, and found good but not exceptional for piano (as opposed to the original Stage action, which I thought was a good compromise for both); and fixed split points (I mean, in 2011? I decided in mid-gig that I wasn't gonna keep it, so at set break I swapped it out for my "emergency backup" 5-year-old Privia... I was doing some on-the-fly programming onstage, and in a I found two songs that I wouldn't be able to play correctly (all the desired notes on all the desired sounds) because I couldn't set the split point where I wanted it.

Basically I knew going in that the Nord AP sounds were not my favorite, but I thought they had improved enough that I'd be able to make them work, especially alongside all the other advantages the board offers. Again, something I might be willing to live with on a less costly board, but not this one.

You can change running order "on the fly" along with loads of other options to fit whatever you want to make things easy and let you focus on playing.


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