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Now, recognise that a Navionics Gold chart covers a greater area than a single Admiralty Chart Pack and suddenly, in comparison, it doesn't sound quite so bad.

Activate it using an old Silver, Gold, Navionics or compatible C-map or Garmin Bluechart.

The Navionics Updates card does not update the card you already have - rather, it uses your existing card to activate it.

Navionics uses the terminology "MSD" to denote micro SD...

so MSD = micro SD; don't think they are different physical formats despite the different text description.

And now that you can download updates from the net and update the charts yourself from a PC its going to get even cheaper. When I bought a new Navionics chart it didn't show the causeway to Eriskay, or the bridge to Scalpay, both of which had been in existence for about ten years, at the time.

As a bonus, it showed an island in Loch Scavaig which doesn't exist, so I suppose I got something for nothing.

It is just that they have recognised that, as an existing customer, you deserve a discount.

As an existing customer, you don't get that with Admiralty paper charts!

Navionics Gold Charts can take you where you want to go, whether you are on the water or planning a trip.


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