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Step 3: Before you copy the file to the Memory Stick Duo, you first need to create a few folders.

On the stick, create a folder called PSP, then create a folder inside that called GAME, and finally create a folder inside GAME called UPDATE.

Note that all of the folder names need to be capitalized or else it will not work.

Step 4: Make sure to copy the firmware update file into the UPDATE folder on the memory stick.

With all of our readers hanging on every word that Sony puts out, we decided to put together a page explaining the proper processes in updating your PSP. You can update directly from the PSP, you can update using data on a game disc, or you can download the update file from your PC and update using a USB drive or memory card.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us, or just ask in the comments below.

From connections to make to the tips you may have on hot games.

Please keep this area to the use of games in the HT environment.

But If you have a PSP 1000/2000 it’s possible to make the CFW permanent using CIPL_Flasher, if your model is not supported it will tell you so.

Create a folder on the root of the memory stick named “ISO”.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as double-clicking an EXE file and watching the magic happen.


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