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If you want to create a presentation layer for your own publication, then the first step is to replace these files with files that describe your publication.

This enables your extension to add additional columns or indexes to core tables or change column options like their length or type.

Your changes will be applied to the tables while the setup tasks are running as long as your extension is installed.

The solution is to list the identifiers of those platform specific indexes in the exclude section of the same file, e.g.

Migrations are like version control for your database, allowing your team to easily modify and share the application's database schema.

By default, Laravel automatically assigns a reasonable name to the indexes.

Concatenate the table name, the name of the indexed column, and the index type.

The important difference to adding new tables is that the schema object already contains a table definition.

You can retrieve the definition by using the get Table() method of the schema object.

For clean(), the second parameter must be true so DBAL will remove old tables, columns and indexes.

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