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As an Officer, you will lead other Soldiers in all situations and adjust in environments that are always changing.They are driven to achieve success with their team on every mission.Nelson responded that apparently the College of Engineering has chosen through their College of Engineering Committee on HU-SS to act as an entire school. Patton, the chairman of the Engineer's Committee and they have come up with their version of what they would like to have in the HU-SS list, and apparently that committee does represent Hennessy's Department of Civil Engineering as well as all of the others in the College of Engineering.

The mission of the Office of K-12 School Choice is to support quality public and private educational choice programs by providing information and assistance to promote successful outcomes for students, families, institutions and communities.

The primary purpose of the District-Charter Collaborative Compact (DCCC) is to encourage and support Districts in the development and implementation of sustainable strategies to ensure that all students, especially those currently attending or zoned for schools in high-need areas, have access to highly effective schools.

It was never placed before the Senate as a proposal, and hence it cannot be formally construed to be Senate policy.

The new policy which was sent in memorandum form to academic Deans and Department Heads states that it is in agreement with the Senate Curricular Impact Committee report of November 6, 1974. The key issue is that the Senate Curricular Impact Report which appears on pages 974-977 of the Senate minutes was accepted by the Senate on November 6, 1974, simply as a report.

There has been widespread misunderstanding among Deans and Department Heads on just what the current process is for updating the HU-SS list.

When completed, this study will suggest the presence or absence of the need for a policy on free electives. This was determined at the Academic Council meeting on February 24, 1976.Huang who was then the chairman of the Engineer's Committee and a number of other people, and they received input from HU, from SS, from BA, and from a variety of other places, and achieved some kind of a moderate understanding and consensus.Miller said that he did not understand Nelson's concern over the new course change and it is not a new procedure but just a new form to fill out when a new course change is proposed. This policy, in essence, provides that the HU-SS listings shall be approved by mutual agreements between the departments involved and the Senate or its delegated representatives. This policy appears on pages 405-406 of the Senate Minutes. This statement in the catalog addendum is in error, and Dr. Although the Senate Curricular Policy Committee is in the process of developing a proposal which would permit each college or school to develop its own HU-SS list subject to certain guidelines and review, the Committee is taking the position that the old policy is in force until such time as the new proposal is adopted by the Senate and approved by the President.

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