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Although technically a control, subforms have some form characteristics as well.Each subform represents one data view; that is, each subform control can have a single business view (BV) attached to it.Power forms can contain several subforms, so a single power form with multiple subforms enables users to see multiple data views.

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Additionally, if you view the data structure, you will see the data structure for A and not for B.

After designing the subform, you must return to the parent form and map the parent data fields to the child so that the two can share data as you intend.

When the user selects a row in the grid, all of the data is updated and, most importantly, the user does not have to open a new form to see the updated data.

Together, power forms and subforms provide developers with the ability to code: When you place subforms on a power form or subform, the system treats the interactions among them as parent/child relationships, with the power form or subform as the parent and the subforms as the children of the power form and siblings to each other.

Tables/ Relationships The listbox "automatically" updates the Workorders. First, the user selects the service from the listbox--and the default price should appear in the Workorder Services. Then, the user enters the unit quantity in the Workorder Services. Edit 2/9/18: Seeing on how this is a bit of a communication problem, I have put together a sample loosely based upon your information.

Thanks in advance Hello, The purpose of relational DB's is to eliminate duplication. Either the price is determined on the service or the work order. [email protected] It appears you tried to post the sample but it is incorrect.

In fact, you create a subform as if it were a form, and then place it as a control. A subform is really a control and the FDA interface treats it accordingly.

For example, if subform B is contained in power form A, when you select B, the FDA control bar still displays the title of A.

However, you can only create mappings on the parent level.

If you cannot find the child subform in the Link To field, then you might have mistakenly entered the data mapping property for the child instead of the parent.

Anyone know what could be causing the following problem: From the main form, when I change a value in a combo box, the subform doesn't refresh.


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